Annual June Giveaway

For more then 8 years, LCM has hosted the BIG annual June giveaway. Each year a ton of clothes, shoes, toys, and hygiene products are distributed. Volunteers sort and arrange the classrooms as if they were clothing stores. The school children are able to “shop” with the help of volunteers and all leave with new and much needed items. This activity helps us support the neediest children in the Community. Clothing, shoes, care packages, toys, etc. are provided, which are basic human needs that still remain a great challenge faced by so many children here. Over the years, I’ve seen such amazing people from the United States donate so generously and/or travel to Haiti to help sort through the bags and barrels, organize at the school, and complete other projects. Their hard work and generous donations make it possible for the program to be more successful and the children happier, and it means the world to the whole community. As always, I am thrilled to see all the good work the mission is doing to the community’s benefit. Thank you to all the people who provide for the June giveaway every year. I appreciate their support and count on them to continue to help the Haitian children through Life Connection Mission.

By Jean Rene Nore (from Haiti)